These are the adventurous few who are braving the unknown Isle of Vodya

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Web developer, streamer, #1 fan of Houdinne.


Class: Ranger
Race: Human

Driven to Vodya by a shadowy figure, he knows only one word related to his goal: Modyol.


Game developer, tweaker in training, catch-phrase is "Throw a bagel in there! How 'bout a lime!"

Urd Wenceward

Class: Sorcerer
Race: Human

Armed with a shopping list of monster parts and a small mysterious bag, Urd has high hopes of romace(?) for Vodya.


Artist, character designer, the best player who hates LoL.

Yennon Barkbopper

Class: Wizard
Race: Halfling

A sheltered student, who is traveling to Vodya to record it's sights, sounds, and secrets.


Designer, musician, new dweller in the Depths of Jazz.


Class: Paladin
Race: Human

Cast out by his faith, he seeks the truth behind his faith, and his life, on Vodya.


Programmer, Game-liker, and recent disciple of the humble harmonica.


Class: Rogue
Race: Human

Exiled from her home, and sooned exiled by those on Vodya. Eve seeks somewhere that she can belong.


Cartoonist, counsellor-in-training, and grandma impersonater.

Yemond Wendawiel

Class: Bard
Race: Half-Elf


Otherwise known as Dethaniel Scottrich Penwilliam the Third of Scotland PhD Esquire. New owner of EDF.

Huginn Thraira

Class: Wizard
Race: Half-Elf

Brother of Muninn, going to Vodya in search of a better life than the one they left behind. Has a very pronounced lisp and is currently a Gob level magician.


Artist, Chef and owner of a very cool medicine mask. Probably gonna be killed in the second session.

Muninn Thraina

Class: Cleric
Race: Half-Elf

Sister of Muninn, going to Vodya in search of a better life than the one they left behind. New to the aspects of The Cloth but eager to move on from her troubled past. Vodya will prove to be a test of her new found faith.


Physicist, Philosopher, and chill dude.


Class: Fighter
Race: High Elf

Escaping with another, to a place where no one will find them.


Writer, and ex-RA. Not a fan of campus meetings.

Darya of Elwood

Class: Druid
Race: High Elf

A hidden past of opulence may cause turmoil on the Isle


An encyclopedia of martial arts knowledge, and a treasure trove of RPG tales.


Class: Bard
Race: Half Elf

Not by choice, but by humorous happenstance, Trina finds themselves shunted off to this mysterious isle.


An esteemed purveyor of fine fantasy, music, and art.


Class: Rogue
Race: Dwarf

In search of a lost brother, Theda will pinch and steal whatever she can to reunite with her family.


A Bassist, artist, and Lumberjack from the show Deadliest Catch


Class: Ranger
Race: Dwarf

Trying to find a new home, Gallion found solace in the city of Modyol. Until fire rained from the sky and orphaned him once more.