Time is a complex beast on Vodya, and through the acts of the dedicated, it can be shifted in surprising ways

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Session 1

A Party is Formed

Three humans and a halfling meet on their way to Vodya. With an unknown future ahead they decide that the only people that they can trust in this new land are each other.

Vodya Unearthed

Through some careful questioning of Boros, a brief spat of trespassing, and a night of detailed reading. The party learns of the strange Isle, which is revealed to be more akin to a continent.

The Party Splits

Upon being welcomed onto Vodya by the well dressed Mayor of Kobal: Straius, Amur decides to spend the night camping rather than being placed in a holding cell for the night. The other three follow Straius through the derelict streets of the shanty town.

The Party Splits Again

Through a determined performance of cheering and clapping, Sisarkar is invited to a prestigious event in the main town square. He graciously accepts and leaves Urd and Yennon in the holding cell.

A Jailed Thief

Soon after settling into their cell, another “prisoner” is shoved into the adjacent cell. He is dismissive of Yennon and Urd and quickly takes a nap.

A Strange Visitor

As Amur is setting up camp in front of Kobal he spots a single traveller walking into Kobal. However, he seems to almost teleport by flitting out of view and appearing a few meters up. Amur follows behind him but keeps his distance.

A Frightening Visitor

This traveller turns out to be the focus of that night’s festivities. Upon arriving he thanks the village for their cooperation and then taps his white cane on the ground 3 times after which everyone in the village collapses. The party simply feels nauseous.

A Powerful Visitor

Upon seeing Sisarkar still upright the visitor levitates off the ground and introduces himself as Andor Drakon, and quickly lifts Sisarkar 30ft off the ground by his throat.

An Attempted Rescue

Amur is quick to action upon seeing this and takes aim with his throwing axe at Drakon’s head; however, he is parayzed before he can release the axe.

Jail Break

Meanwhile Urd and Yennon witness their jail guard fall to the ground and begin to transform into something hideous. They free the hooded thief Alum and trap the now grotesque guard in a cell.

Alum Attempts a Rescue

Alum leads Yennon and Urd to the town square where he hurls a pink potion at Andor Drakons headed stunning him and sending him hurling to the ground.

Attempted Acidic Aversion

The party was reunited but surrounded by the now transformed townsfolk of Kobal. In order to escape Yennon sprayed acid across the hordes to slow their advance while Amur cut a line through their ranks.

A Flaming Stunt Barricade

Rounding the last corner the party saw a flaming barricade blocking their path. Urd created a sick ramp out of the earth itself and the rest of the party did sweet flips over the fiery obstacle.

An Escape into the Night

After rounding up some horses from the nearby stale the party and Alum galloped into the night away from Kobal.

A Plea from a Dying Man

Once the party makes camp Alum informs them of a contact he has in Gema a dwarf named Ultrech. He gives them a map of the island and an envelope of letters to deliver. Soon after he is overtaken by the same affliction of those in Kobal.

A Messy Funeral

After a rather gruesome dispatching Urd created an earthen basin to cremate Alum. While his corpse burns Amur says a prayer in a strange tongue and a wisp of wind sweeps the ashes into a neat pile.

Onwards to Gema

And this is where we left our heroes. With a map and an open road to the town of Gema.

Session 2

Arrival in Gema

The party arrives in the bustling farming town of Gema. They stumble upon an active market selling large fruits and vegetables.

Meeting Ultrech

After perusing the local caravans, the party finds Alum’s contact Ultrech in the local inn. They tell him about the events of Kobal and hand him the envelope of papers entrusted to them by Alum.

The Thankful Healer

Ultrech shows gratitude for bring the papers, but is still wary of the party’s motives. So he proposes a deal.

Some Worrisome Disappearances

Ultrech tells the party of several disappearances that have happened lately in town, and that no one seems to be paying them any mind. He asks the party for their help in discovering the cause of these disappearances.

A Mistaken Interrogation

Yennon quickly gets to work interviewing the townsfolk about the missing persons. However, in a moment of social panic he accidentally causes a farmer to become quite irate with one of the caravans. He then tries and fails to stymy his rage and in the end is scolded by all those involved.

A Wizard Equipped

After his altercation with the farmers, Yennon heads to the local blacksmith, a dragonborn woman named farith, to ask about the creation of a shortsword. She politely refuses his large gold offer and abides for a more reasonable sum.

The Questionable Carpenter

Meanwhile, Urd talks with the local carpenter Alan. Although, upon closer inspection Alan seems more like an amateur apprentice. Despite this, Urd hands over his only spear to be carved by the novice woodworker. Unfortunately, his gold landed in incapable hands and he was left with the same spear afterwards.

A Message from the Heavens

That night while Yennon studied the history of necromancy, Amur prayed to his god for guidance in this strange land. His prayer was answered by symbols within the stars, and the message was clear: Trust the dwarf, and be wary of those with draconic blood.

Potion Seller!

Sisarkar went for an evening stroll and discovered a small potions shop. Run by a rather eccentric individual. Within he bought several potions and went on his merry way.

Thinking with Potions

On his way back to the Inn Sisarkar was attacked by a hooded figure with scars on his neck. He quickly grabbed a random potion and smashed it against his assailants head, causing his attacker to disappear.

A Visit with the Grainfells

The next day the party followed Ultrech to the home of the Grainfells who had two of their children dissappear recently. However, neither seems to remember having a child at all.

A Cunning plan

In order to investigate the Grainfell’s house more thoroughly the party decides to volunteer to help on the farm in order to distract the husband, and help in the kitchen to distract the wife. While this happens Yennon snuck into the basement.

Disturbing Discovery

In the basement Yennon finds a half butchered corpse of the Grainfell’s teenage son. Along with a collection of scrawled papers. When he heads upstairs Mrs. Grainfell catches him but Yennon is quick to cast sleep on her.

A Disrupted Interview

While trying to interrogate Mrs. Grainfell the party is interrupted by Farith the blacksmith who attacks the party along with several mutated fish people all armed with twisted tridents. Comba ensues and Mr. Grainfell is killed while the rest of the party survives.

A Bloody Finale

And that’s where we left our party, in a collection of scrawled viscera and an unravelling mystery.

Session 3

A Map to Guide Them

Upon finding a map in the basement of the Grainfell’s house, the party decided to head up river to investigate the x’s that dot the map.

Some Strange Exchanges

While moving up the river the party watches several handoffs occurring at the river's edge, between farmers and a figure on a boat. The farmers seemed to be giving sacks of flesh to the hooded individual on the boat

Impervious Impersonation

Through quick thinking the party neutralized and then disguised Urd as the last farmer along the river. But their cunning plan resulted in an ambush from below the water as two extra fish people sprung from beneath the river.

Fish Captive!

After a quick fight, the party restrains and questions the hooded fish person from the boat. He is quite irate and mentions feeding “it” frequently. He then breaks free but is quickly subdued by the party

A Crevasse

Further up the river the party comes upon a large cave which they briefly rest outside of. But their rest is interrupted by a dessicated miner who comes stumbling up. After a brief bit of Friendly Fire they restrain him and find that he is incoherent and vacant.

Small Scout Big Problems

Urd then disguises himself as one of the farmers and goes first into the cave. He finds more farmers mining at the walls of the cave, as well as a large scaled bear who he and the rest of the party promptly flee from.

Out of the Frying Pan

Unfortunately, they fled into an ambush further in the cave which resulted in Urd going down and Yennon flexing his wizard skills in order to pull them out of the difficult situation.

Session 4

A New Player Approaches!

The party was joined by a Human Rogue by the name of Eve, who quickly lied about their identity and brought a large mutated bear to fight the party. Overall, a stunning introduction.

Smart Scouting

Untrusting of their new companion, the party sent forth Eve along with Sisarkar to scout the tunnels ahead. Eve proved quite adept at the skills of dungeoneering and was able to avoid several attempts by the Drowned ones to attack her.

Like Peas in a Pod

While exploring the cave Yennon and Urd both decided to grab onto a rather shiny looking trident. Unfortunately, the trident made sure that they could not let go. They are now bound by their mutual predicament.

An Wrought Iron Door

After wading their way through the viscera of their enemies the party came upon a large iron door. Upon touching its handle Eve was transported to a pristine chapel and was accosted by a disturbing dream involving a ring or twisted and pulsing runes before being assaulted by a writhing undead creature.

Slayers of the Undead!

The party quickly rushed into the room and dispatched the abomination, and with it they found a rather morbid looking sword made of bone.

A Pile of Water

After resting for a time the party continued on and witnessed the summoning of a large water elemental that seemed to be powered by a strange tablet of stone.

Session 1

The Beginning

A group of six forlorn travellers find themselves only a few hours away from shore. Each of elven descent they seek new beginnings, escape from the law, artifacts of myth and legend, or perhaps they have goals that extend deeper than these. All that is sure is that the payment to their ship's captain Boros was not in vain, for the tall cliffs of Vodya loom ever closer in the distance.


The party arrives on the Isle of Vodya in the small shantytown of Kobal. They are greeted by the town mayor Straius who tells the party that they must spend the night in a holding cell before they can be processed through immigration. The party then convinces him to let them stay in more lavish accommodations.

A Performative Suggestion

On the way to their commode Yemond demonstrates his musical ability to Straius which convinces him to allow both Yemond, and his supposed bodyguard Rostam, to attend and perform at the town gathering that evening.

A Performative Failure

Unfortunately, when it came time to perform for the esteemed visitor and benefactor of the town, Yemond fumbled. Unable to keep steady rhythm he was quickly silenced by Straius.

The One Called Drakon

The Town gathering came to a head when the guest of honour arrived, Andor Drakon: A tall well-dressed individual with a long white cane. Soon after his arrival, all the townspeople, including Straius, collapse from some unknown force.

Quick to Action

As Drakon begins to levitate off the ground Yemond is quick to feign death, while Rostam begins to climb the fountain in the center of the townsquare. Meanwhile, the rest of the party noticed that their guards had collapsed, and have started to make a strange moaning sound.

A Party Reunited

After a quick distracting illusion Yemond made a run for it and met with the rest of the party. Just in time to watch Rostam be attacked by Drakon. Drakon is then scalded by a strange pink potion thrown by a hooded human thief who escaped from the local jailhouse.

A Hurried Escape

Thoroughly outnumbered by the now ghastly townsfolk, the party decides to run. Through the quick thinking of Muninn, she imbues Rostam with holy power so that he can charge a path through the hordes of townspeople.

An Unlikely Acrobat

While running through the streets of Kobal the party is assaulted by twisting tendrils. These are closely avoided by most of the party except for Huginn who swiftly jumps and flips out of the way with unexpected grace and ease.

A Fiery Barricade

Faced with a hobbled together blockade set ablaze Darya of Elwood shapes the water from a nearby well and throws it onto the blazing wall. Making escape from Kobal easy.

First Initiative

The party faces their first true combat encounter in the stables outside Kobal. Two horrific townspeople surprise them upon opening the door, but they are quickly dispatched with the help of a critical from Huginn, who then quickly calms the spooked horses.

The Death of an Ally

The hooded thief reveals himself as a scout for a larger organization tracking some strange occurrences on Vodya. He gives the party a map of the Isle, and says they have to speak with Ultrec in Gema about his findings before being overcome by the same affliction that possessed the townspeople of Kobal.

A Natural Burial

Upon searching his body the party finds a strange sheaf of letters and drawings that are impossible to read due to shifting text. Afterwards they bury the thief, who went by the name Alum, in the nearby woods. Darya says a druidic prayer as a kind of eulogy.

Arrival in Gema

After a few days travel the party arrives in the prosperous farming village of Gema during one of their bi-weekly market days. In the each stall is a huge selection of oversized produce. Caravans from Modyol, Prysma, and the Kharba Wilds are present.

Kerfuffle at the Carrot and Cutlet

Yemond gets into a mild shouting match with a local gnome named Graros over a petty dispute about division of tips. It ends in a spat of violence which leads to Graros, defenseless, and on the floor. Muninn extends the proverbial olive branch afterwards.

A Night at the Inn

And this is where we left our party, with a room paid for and some cozy stables waiting in the moonlight.

Session 2

Drunken Lullabies

In the tavern that night there was much merrymaking. Huginn made friends with a dwarf caravan guard named Gront, Yemond made up with the gnomish bard Graros, and Darya had a night of tall drinks and tales of strange lands with the Prysma human Alif.

A Worried and Suspicious Healer

In the morning the Party talks with Alum’s contact Ultrech. A dwarven healer who is almost immediately suspicious of the parties motivations. In order to test their trustworthiness he tells them of some strange disappearances in town and wants them to get to the bottom of it. In particular, he wants to know the fate of the Grainfell family’s two children.

The Grainfell Household

When the party reaches the Grainfell household they find two parents who seem to have forgotten their children's existence, and become visibly frustrated when they are mentioned. The party finds some children's clothes under a bed in the master bedroom and a locked door on the main floor before being ushered out by Mr.Grainfell.

Alchemical Curiosities

Once back in town Huginn wandered into a raggedy alchemists office and “acquired” a variety of 8 potions with unknown effects.

An Investigation

Due to some strange behaviour Yemond and Rostam decide to investigate the house of Farith, the local blacksmith. Inside they find components for a strange twisted set of tridents, but while investigating the local populace caught onto their trespassing.

A Comedy of Errors

Rostam, makes haste through the streets and alleys of Gema, but fails to outrun a group of slow fragile farmers in a hilarious display of ineptitude. He is captured but is soon set free by the quick thinking of Yemond who convinces the townsfolk to let him go while disguised as Farith.

A Figure by the River

That night the party decides to return to the Grainfell’s household to try and enter their basement. But on the way they see a figure holding a flickering torch by the river. They slowly approach but the figure catches wind of them and flees, leaving behind a small parcel of human meat at the water’s edge.

The Grainfell Massacre

Upon reaching the farmhouse the party enters the basement to find the remaining Grainfell’s murdered and one of the teenage children half butchered.


When trying to leave the party is ambushed by strange mutated fish people who are quickly dispatched by the party. One is kept alive and captured. And with that the party decided to head back to town.

Session 3

Boat Mysteries

While heading back to Gema the party spots a boat drifting up river with a single standing passenger.

Thunderous Solutions

While following Yemond sees the boats receive bundles from some of the farmers at the shoreline. In response he evaporates the boat and all surroundings in a wave of thunder and finds a small map, which shows marking to the north, in the remains.

A Stunning Confrontation

While retrieving Ultrech from Gema, Muninn is stopped by Farith who threatens her. But Muninn quickly responds by paralyzing Farith and taking her cursed spear, which unfortunately binds itself to Muninn’s hands.

An Ally Revealed

While travelling to the Sullen Cave Ultrech reveals that he is part of a secret society called the Defender of the Rightful order based out of Modyol. He tells the party that they are working to fight the growing tides of cHaoS on Vodya.

Arrival at the Sullen Cave

The party grabs their horses and rides north to the spot marked on their new map. There they find a large cave entrance by the river. They wait a moment and see a small figure climb into the maw.

Desiccated Diggers

Inside the cave Huginn finds a large number of horribly starved farmers who haplessly hack at the walls of the cave.


The party also encounters a mutated bear and it’s three cubs which Darya promptly befriends with her druidic wiles and then brutally murders within a few minutes.

Twisted Spines of Nature

The party then ventured further into the cave system which was littered with stalagmites and stalactites that twisted and bent in the direction of running water within the caverns.

A Riverside Brawl

Deeper inside he cave the party found another group of fish farmers who they quickly disarmed and dispatched.

An Iron Door

Soon the party came upon a large iron door which seemed oddly out of place within the stone caverns. Detecting no magic Rostam stepped forward to push the door open.

A Twisted Vision

Rostam was quickly teleported inside what seemed to be an illustrious chapel. However, when he dipped his hands in the chapels holy water he was accosted by a disturbing vision of a large stone circle covered in runes and a thousand whispering voices that commanded “Take us”.

A Watery Tomb

At the cave’s deepest point the party found a large underground lake, and at its center stood Farith with her arms locked around a large stone tablet. Upon knocking Farith back the stone tablet was surrounded with water and grew into a towing sentient torrent.

A Close Victory

And after a difficult fight the party was victorious. And this is where we left them.

Session 4

A Grateful Welcome

They party found their way back to town with the Rune and Farith in tow. What they found was a village of people who had no memory of the past few weeks and who had many questions about the strange thoughts and visions that had befallen them.

The Unofficial Capital of Vodya

Within a few days the party hopped onto a caravan with Ultrech and arrived at the towering city of gold, Modyol. A Massive circular city divided into three districts: copper, silver, and gold.

The Doro

Ultrech paid the party’s access into the city and led them to the hidden headquarters of the Doro. Here they met their leader who was only referred to as The Appointed.

A New Member

The party was also introduced to a new member in the form of a dwarven thief named Theda.


Quickly after arriving the party was asked to attune themselves to the powers of chaos so that they may better understand their enemy. And so, each party member dip themselves into the raw essence of chaos and gained strange and otherworldly mutations.

A Week of Action

The party then had a week of free time to explore the city of Modyol.

Understanding the Doro

Rostam and Muninn both got to know the history of Vodya, and the intentions of the Doro better by speaking with their specialized personnel in the research and medical wards.

The Hunter’s Guild

Yemond, while looking for information about a particularly vexing artifact, stumbled upon the Hunter’s Guild of Modyol which contracts out mercenaries to kill large troublesome creatures in the wild. He promptly joined their ranks and agreed to hunt a griffon.

A Close Victory

After enlisting the rest of the party to help, Yemond rushed headlong into battle with not one, but two griffons. He was promptly mauled nearly to death, and the rest of the party needed to clean up the encounter.

A Hasty Heist

Theda, while searching for her brother among the bottom feeders of Modyol, was enlisted into a heist of a Bracelet of Translocation. She easily scooped up the artifact and was quickly inducted into the thieves guild which houses itself, undetected, within the outer walls of Modyol.

A New Mission

After the week was over, The Appointed called the party into her office and told them that a scout of theirs had gone missing while keeping tabs on an encampment of Bugbears in the Khelva Forests north of Modyol.

Scout and Sneak

Upon arriving at the camp, Darya scouted the surroundings as a mouse before the party snuck through the camp and into a rather ominous cave opening on the other side. They were spotted, but the Bugbears refused to follow them into the darkness.

Tulvaz’s Wondrous Labyrinth

Inside they found a pristine stone hall, with giant smooth stone pillars. At the end of the hall there was a large archway with an engraved sign above it which said “Tulvaz’s Wondrous Labyrinth”

Session 5

The Entrance to the Labyrinth

The Party carefully inched their way into the inky blackness of the labyrinth. Soon they were introduced to the disembodied voice of the eponymous Tulvaz.

Challenges Outlined

Tulvaz explained that they were going to be put through a series of tests and if they prevailed they would be rewarded. Each test would take place inside a large stone cube, with the exit from each cube only revealing itself upon completion of the challenge.

A Lone Ring

In the first cube the party found a small ring on a pedestal that, once moved, would trigger the ceiling to begin to fall.

Panicked Respite

The party scrambled to find a way out of this trap, eventually finding 3 small holes to huddle into. However, Huginn was left alone without a place to hide and in an act of panic he drank his potion of translocation.

An Adjacent Test

Huginn was transported to an adjacent cube where another band of adventurers were fighting off a group of strange slime creatures. Although Huginn tried to help, an elf in the other party fell to an attack from a slime. Before being able to speak at length with the other adventurers, Huginn was shuttled off by the shifting walls of the labyrinth.

A Test Repeated

The party then proceeded to the next test which faced them against two of the chaotic slime beasts that Huginn had just fought. After a long encounter, the party prevailed.

Trials for Rewards

In order to receive a reward Rostam volunteered to endure a Test of Might. In this test he fought and defeated a Bugbear, who pleaded to Rostam to save his family from within this labyrinth.

A Powerful and Dangerous Gamble

As a reward the party was given limited access to The Deck of Many Things. Rostam drew 6 cards and had his soul removed, Huginn drew 2 and is now stalked by an unknown killer, and Yemond drew 3 and now has access to one instance of Divine Guidance.

Session 6

The Party Grows

Upon drawing the Knight card Muninn is granted a faithful knight who will follow her till the ends of the earth to protect and serve.

Mysterious Vines

The party then proceeded to a strange cube that contained a large chasm with red vines draped into the crevice. Upon descending into the chasm they found a lone bugbear who was being fed by the vines.

Expeditious Escape

Choosing to avoid a dangerous encounter, the party narrowly escapes the strange bugbear and runs to the next cube.

Yemond gets an Upgrade

Here the party is offered a choice of doors, one of stone and one of wood. Before making their choice they are awarded with a small lyre made of dark oak with a intricately made brick stand. Yemond grabs it quickly.

An Underground Forest

After choosing the wooden door, the party finds themselves in a dense foggy forest, with no choice but to forge ahead. They quickly find themselves lost, and missing Yemond.

A Deceitful Grove

The party stumbles and shouts their way through the forest until they find a small grove where Yemond stands being fawned over by two rotten and decaying dryads. The party engages with the dryads and is eventually victorious.

Forests of Wrath

However, their victory is short lived as the large tree at the center of the grove sprouts to life. Through the adept use of fire magic from Huginn the battle is won.

A Way Out

As the ash settles, a large hole is revealed where the treant once stood. Within that hole is a welcome sight, an escape from the cube. The party clambers down into the hole and soon finds themselves outside of the “Wondrous Labyrinth”

A Wondrous Sight

The party then found themselves beneath a massive collection of giant shifting cubes that seemed to hover 30 feet above a smooth flat surface. As they tried to explore they were quickly trapped and ferried to a large staircase which led above the cubes.

Encounter with Tulvaz

At the top of the staircase the part finds Tulvaz a dark elf/spider hybrid who is using the Rune of Earth to move the labyrinth and experiment on its inhabitants. A difficult battle ensues, and its tide is turned by a ring of a small bell from Huginn which inexplicably instills immediate fear in Tulvaz.

Get Outta Here!

After defeating Tulvaz, the labyrinth begins to crumble without the power of the rune to sustain it. Through the conjunction of smart spell casting as well as good use of items the party escapes unscathed while also releasing a contingent of Bug Bear captives.

Bug Bear Besties

Upon escaping the collapsing cavern the party was greeted with an uproarious celebration from the Bugbears as they were reunited with their lost families.

Session 7

Return to Modyol

The party returns to Modyol and the Doro. They find that the Doro has grown and they are rewarded handsomely for their efforts. Additionally, The Appointed and the Archivist Kane start work on extracting Rostam’s soul from the Rune of Earth.


While using their chaos tokens, Huginn decides to drink his raw potion of chaos. As a result he sprout seven strange blinking eyes across his head.

Whispers of Crime

Theda returns to the thieves guild and hears of a large heist that will be occuring in the Institute of Interplanar Exploration in a few days. She signs up immediately.

Shopping Spree

The party buys a veritable horde of items with their new wealth including a rare wand from the creator of Modyol, the Transmutationist Trenya. Other items of note were the Horseshoes of the Zephyr and several sets of Drakehide armour

Residential Resplendence

After shopping, the party wandered the residential streets in search of action. This resulted in a night time street robbery, and drunken brawl with a large half orc, and some light flirting which resulted in quite a large cash pay off.

A Local Feud

Lastly, the party discovered a feud within Modyol between the Temple of Waukeen and the Institute of Planar Exploration. Each group offered a way to sabotage the other, but no decisions were made as to how to proceed.

Session 8

Roused from Stone

Rostam was finally teased out of the Rune of Earth within which he had been imprisoned. He was immediately reunited with Darya but was soon beset with the Wish that was bestowed upon him by the Deck of Many Things.

The Wish

After a short time Rostam decided to wish for the Mace of the Many, a chaotic artifact of legend. It was pulled out from the chaotic abyss and placed before him. However, the rift it caused did consume a bed in the medical ward of the Doro.

Suspicions Rise

The Appointed hears of this disturbance and has a one on one chat with Rostam. Rostam refuses to speak of what happened as he was somewhat distrustful of The Appointed. In response The Appointed thrust Rostam towards Tyr himself to be judged.

Suspicious mind, Clear Heart

Upon being judged trustworthy by the hammer of Tyr, Rostam is sent back to the material plane.


Darya and Theda committed more thievery, this time in the Market District. Yemond weaseled his way into the Thieves guild after tailing Theda for a time. Huginn set up a large circus tent full of rigged carnival games which was only mildly successful. And Muninn threatened the Fan and Fey Wildflame of the Institute of Interplanar Exploration into teaching her some of their tricks.

Session 9

A Grand Heist!

Theda, Yemond, and Darya staged a stunning heist of the Institute of Interplanar Exploration. Through a cunning use of wild shape and wall breaking they were able to nab the Cloak of the Phoenix for the Thieves Guild.

A Grand Hunt!

After a short time Rostam decided to wish for the Mace of the Many, a chaotic artifact of legend. It was pulled out from the chaotic abyss and placed before him. However, the rift it caused did consume a bed in the medical ward of the Doro.

A Grand Plan!

Through much planning the party sprung an elaborate trap which hideously maimed the Wyvern before it was even able to approach the party. The fight was quick and relatively painless, well, for the party at least.

Scouts from Adamaz

As the week drew to a close, The Appointed called the party to a meeting where she informed them of some terrible news coming out of the town of Adamaz. An army of undead lead by a powerful dwarf was marching out from its walls and seemed to be heading towards Gema and Prysma.

Encounter with Drakon

On their way to Adamaz the party rested at Gema, where Ultrich, under the power of the Deck of Many Things, betrayed Huginn and sent him to a strange realm with Andor Drakon. Here, Drakon outlined his goal for Vodya. A place where chaos can return and be stripped free of the claws of Order.

A Grave Choice

The next day the party was confronted by three badly burned individuals who came from Modyol. They came with reports of a dragon attacking Modyol and that support was needed. Upon weighing their options, the party decided they were better equipped to stop the threat coming from Adamaz, than to risk an encounter with the dragon.

Session 10

New Friends from Modyol & Gema

While the party deliberated on what to do next, the halfling bard Trina and the Dwarven Ranger Gallion joined the party in their quest for the Elemental Runes of Chaos.

Threats Determined; Plans Laid

Ultrich outlined the information his scouts had reported from the areas around Adamaz. A small army near Kobal, a lack of word from Prysma, and a potential ally in the Kharba Woodlands.

Woodlands we will wander

The party set their sights on the Kharba woodlands. Before leaving, the party made minor fortifications to the town as well as receiving a few improvements to their weaponry.

The Kharba Woodlands

With the halfling scout Teryll as their guide the party pushed into the Kharba woodlands. Here they saw the local wildlife had grown massive but also peaceful, as most of these giant creatures worked together to feed and care for one another in the wilderness

The Kharba Commune

Eventually the party arrived at the Kharba Commune, a collection of Halflings and elves that called the forest their home. They eventually came to an agreement with the party. They would aid in the defense of Gema, if the party got rid of the southern threat known only as The Mound.

Frightening Findings

En route to the Mound the party came across the corpses of two halflings who were being fought over by three enraged giant animals. By sneaking behind the battling beasts, Theda was able to see that the faces of the halflings were frozen in a blood curdling scream.

Lost in Transition

As the party pressed on towards the Mound, Gallion unfortunately got lost while leading the party through the woods. As they wandered the forest they were beset upon by a large enraged ape who they quickly trounced.

Session 11

Climb and See

To help gain the party’s bearings, Darya wild shaped into a Bear and climbed a nearby tree. Above the foliage she could see a deteriorating and sparsely wooded section of forest to the south.

The Mound

Within the hour the party found their way to the outskirts of the Mound. Faintly purple moss covered the ground and the local trees had began to atrophy. In the center of it all stood a large mound of moss, trees, and foliage with a gaping entrance obscured by vines.

Speaking through the Grapevine

To gain some intel, Darya invoked her ability to speak with plants upon the vines which obscured the entrance. The vines proved to be very mildly helpful.

Interrupting the Vinespeak

While conversing with the vines the party was interrupted by a pained cry from within. The party promptly ignored the pained pleas due to suspicions about their motives.

Impatience Prevails

Eventually, Huginn tired of the cautious preparations and shot a ball of acid through the vines. Within the mound they saw the twisted remnants of Straius, Mayor of Kobal. He immediately attacked the party.

Wrestling with Ropers

Alongside Straius were two stump ropers who quickly ensnared several party members. However, this was hamstrung by Muninn placing a warding circle around Straius which prevented him from engaging in any meaningful action for the entire encounter.

A Lengthy Encounter

After a battle of attrition the party defeated Straius and the Ropers with relatively few wounds. Upon the final blow, the moss in the surrounding area flourished back to life and the mound disintegrated into the forest floor.

Run to the Hills

Before the party could rest, they heard the sound of cracking wood and ominous marching. In order to avoid further conflict the party fled to the west and emerged from the Kharba woodlands on the road between Kobal and Gema.

A Foreboding Sight

Upon arriving at the road, the party saw an advancing undead squadron to the south. Lead by a jet black horse with a bright blazing mane of fire.

Session 12

An Anxious Return

The party returned to Gema amidst a cacophony of preparations. Ultrech was leading the local militia in building fortifications, and distributing armaments to the populace.

The Lines of War are Drawn

Ultrech outlined four points of possible attack that the opposing army could come from and notified the party of their somewhat lackluster intel on the incoming force.

Much needed Support

While discussing tactics, three squads of Kharba mounted troops riding giant badgers arrived in town. They quickly thanked the party for handling the Mound and awaited instructions.

Family Reunion

In order to gain some valuable info about what they were going to be facing, Theda went out scouting with their Kharba guide Teryll. What they found was a large undead force that was lead by Theda’s lost brother Baelin. But he was not the Baelin she once knew, he was something far removed from that now, a Vampire.

Powerful Preparations

Huginn, Rostam, and Darya worked together to make several improvements to the town's defenses. This included but was not limited to: An explosive alcohol cannon, a diverted river which blocked an entire town entrance, and several spell combinations that worked in tandem with one another.

Rallying the Troops

Muninn and Gallion took a different approach to preparations. They aided the local militia via blessings and trained them on the local landscape which improved their scouting returns.

The Battle Begins

After several days of preparation the undead army lead by Baelin approached and the battle began. During the initial skirmishes on the outskirts of town the two forces were evenly matched. But soon the four generals of the army descended upon the town square and faced the party head on.

Worthy Opponents

The generals stood strong: A large skeletal Hill Giant wielding a Club inlaid with Dwarven faces, a horrific wraith who could pull the skeletal remains out from the surrounding corpses, a fiery maned jet black horse whose speed was unmatched, and finally Baelin the brother of Theda, a fully matured Vampire who hovered over the battlefield looking for his prey.

A Fallen Comrade

In the midst of the battle Rostam was drained of all his life force and his body slumped to the ground. In death he saw a great lake of souls surrounding a black iron keep. He moved towards it but was pulled back to the world of the living through the magic of Muninn. But before being returned he met with the god of fate Istus. She wove a new path for him, but assured him that this was not a repeatable offering.

The Dust settled and the Mist Returns

After a hard fought and bloody battle the party emerged victorious. The generals laid in ruin and Baelin was weakened enough that he fled in mist form back to the town of Adamaz.